Buddhist Organizations / Organisations bouddhistes
Attached Document or FileBuddhaNet  A vast information and education network of the Buddha Dharma Education Association.

Attached Document or FileDharmaNet  Information on centers and practice groups around the world, retreat schedules, and numerous quality links to Buddhist and meditation related sites. One of the oldest and most substantial Internet resources for Buddhist study and practice.

Attached Document or FileSadhu  The Sadhu! web site specialises in a Theravada Buddhism. It has an updated Web Directory of Buddhist organisations, which is very useful resource for Theravadin Buddhists.

Attached Document or FileUniversité Bouddhique Européenne  Institut d'étude et d'enseignement indépendant, l'Université Bouddhique Européenne réunit des enseignants qui disposent d'une double formation, universitaire et bouddhiste traditionnelle, chacun d'eux se rattachant à l'une des principales écoles présentes en Europe.

Attached Document or FileUrban Dharma Buddhism in America  Offers original articles and essays on Buddhism and archives related articles by a variety of authors in a multi-yana format. Frequently addresses interreligious issues.

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