Dilatato Corde 8:1
January – June, 2018

 Sylvanus Kessy

The second dialogue meeting of the neighborhood between "two Children of Abraham" (Christians and Muslims) was held in the Zakeo Centre in Ndanda recently. This meeting followed first one of February 2016. A total of 13 Shehes [sheiks] and some elders of the mosques, Catholic priests, and pastors from Anglican and Lutheran churches also attended. The total participants of this dialogue were 24.
The official speaker was Father Sylvanus Kessy OSB who gave the outcome of dialogue meeting he attended in Nairobi last year 2017. The conference in Nairobi brought together Benedictine monks and nuns and Shia Muslims from different parts of the world. Over 20 participants from 14 countries attended the meeting, which was held in the Subiaco Centre, Karen in Nairobi.
Fr. Sylvanus quoted Sheik Dr. Shomali who emphasized the importance of maintaining unity, mutual respect, love, and trust between people of different religions. His motto was “Unity of God - Unity in God” The era of excluding people on the basis of religion or by calling others infidels are outdated. Similarly, the
concept of torturing or killing others based on religion is the opposite of any belief or religion, and God cannot accept such evil motives. We should respect and learn from each other how to adore the one true ever-living God. 
The participants in Ndanda lastly asked themselves how to maintain these dialogue meetings between the Muslims and Christians. The aim is to find our position as shehes,  priests, and pastors in the developing category of people with pure faith and truth, and to build unity and respect for each other. To ensure that these meetings of the neighborhood continue we selected a committee to organize, coordinate, and direct such dialogue regularly in Ndanda.
The elected leaders are Mr. Anton Ng'itu (Chairman), Fr. Julianus Bombo OSB (Secretary) and Mr. Moses Kamtande (Assistant Secretary). The others are Shehe Mohamed Yasin, Anglican catechists James Makumbuli and Sheikh Bakari Ishmael. Fr. Christian was chosen to be the Guardian of this new Union. The Committee will meet soon to develop and plan for dialogue between the Muslims and Christian in the Ndanda area. It is my hope that, this dialogue will grow and flourish to the regional and even to the National level. Let us pray for this.








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