What is DIMMID?
Brother Gregory Perron OSB, Former President of the North American Commission, at a meeting of "Monks in the West."
Brother Gregory Perron OSB, Former President of the North American Commission, at a meeting of "Monks in the West."

Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique / Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (DIMMID) is an international monastic organization that promotes and supports dialogue, especially dialogue at the level of religious experience and practice, between Christian monastic men and women and followers of other religions.

DIMMID is a commission of the Benedictine Confederation with formal links to both branches of the Cistercian order. It acts in liaison with the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and welcomes collaboration with other organizations that foster interreligious dialogue. DIMMID is civilly incorporated in the state of Minnesota (USA) as a nonprofit, tax-exempt institution operating exclusively for charitable, educational, and religious purposes.

While the natural dialogue partners of Christian monastics are monastics of other religious traditions, DIMMID also engages in spiritual dialogue with adherents of religions that do not have an institutionalized form of monasticism, for example—and in particular—with Muslims.

The activities of DIMMID are coordinated by a General Secretariat, whose members are the Secretary General, the coordinators of the six existing continental/regional commissions, the President of the Alliance for International Monasticism (AIM) and elected members:


Ex-officio (coordinators of regional/linguistic commissions)

  1. Pinto David OSBCam (India/Sri Lanka)                                     
  2. Bernard McGrath OSB (Australia)
  3. Michael Peterson OSB (North America)
  4. Cosmas Hoffmann OSB (Europe)
  5. Anselmo Jaechan Park OSB (Korea)
  6. Olivier-Marie Sarr OSB (West Africa)
  7. Jean-Pierre Longeat OSB(President, AIM)
  8. William Skudlarek OSB (Secretary General)

At-large [Elected] (five-year term; eligible for a second five-year term)

  1. Cecilia Dwyer OSB (second term: 2024-2028)
  2. Manuela Scheiba OSB (first term: 2020-2024)
  3. HyoJu Kim OSB (first term: 2021-2025)
  4. Maria Rafael Bartlett OCSO (first term 2022-2026)
  5. Victor Chavunga OSB (first term 2024-2028)

The European Commission presently comprises nine regional sub-commissions, each with a coordinator:

     Sede vacante

French-speaking Belgium  
     Soeur Gaëtane Seulen OSB, Liège
French-speaking Switzerland 
     Soeur Marie- Gabrielle Dufrêne OSC, Jongny
     Pater Cosmas Hoffman OSB, Meschede, Germany
Great Britain and Ireland
     Brother Justin Robinson, Glenstal, Ireland
Holland and Flemish-speaking Belgium  
     Broeder Kefas Rietkirk, Slangenburg, Holland  
     Bakos Gergely atya OSB (Father Gregory Bakos OSB), Pannonhalma
Iberian Peninsula   
     Hermano José Luis Navarro OCSO, Midelt, Morocco
     Fratello Matteo Nicolini-Zani, Bose

Some commissions and sub-commissions include members of non-monastic orders and congregations, diocesan clergy, lay people (especially oblates), and clergy and laity from other Christian churches.

Some commissions and subcommissions also have their own website where one can find more information about the mission of DIMMID as well as information about local activities.

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