Academic Programs / Programmes d'études
Attached Document or FileCambridge Inter-faith Programme  The Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme is committed to offering a distinctive scholarly approach to furthering understanding across the religious traditions, with a focus on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Attached Document or FileCatholic Theological Union: The Bernardin Center  The Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry was established in 1997 with the blessing of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin to foster understanding in areas such as reconciliation, peacemaking, leadership development for the Church, interreligious dialogue, the consistent ethic of life, and Catholic Common Ground.

Attached Document or FileThe Catholic University of America: Certificate in Christian-Muslim Relations  This certificate is an opportunity to enhance your understanding of the relations between two religions that encounter each other in our global society. The relationship and history of these two religions is complex and requires thorough analysis. Almost fifty years since the proclamations of Nostra Aetate, the Roman Catholic Church has turned a page in this history and wants to engage in positive relations with the world of Islam.

Attached Document or FileHarvard Divinity School: Center for the Study of World Religions  The mission of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School is: 1) to advance interdisciplinary, international, and interreligious exchange, learning, and research on the world's religions; 2) to bring together the rich intellectual resources of faculty and students at Harvard Divinity School and at other Schools and departments of Harvard University with an international scholarly network to explore issues of religion in today's complex, globalizing, and changing world; and 3) to build a deeper and broader understanding of the histories and contemporary patterns of the world's religious communities by hosting scholars and practitioners at the Center as residents and program participants.

Attached Document or FileHarvard Unhiversity: The Pluralism Project  The Pluralism Project: World Religions in America is a decade-long research project, with current funding from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, to engage students in studying the new religious diversity in the United States.

Attached Document or FileInstitut Catholique de Paris: Institut de Science & de Théologie des Religions (ISTR)  L’ISTR a pour but l’étude scientifique, philosophique et théologique du fait religieux en général et des grandes religions, ainsi que des courants athées. Ces religions et ces divers courants sont étudiés en eux-mêmes et en confrontation avec la foi chrétienne (science et théologie des religions).

Attached Document or FileLoyola College, Chennai: Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions  The Institute is a research center that involves itself in research activities on conflicts between religions and cultures and on the ways of evolving conflict resolutions through dialogue and understanding. The University of Madras, Chennai, has recognized the institute as a postgraduate (doctoral) research centre in comparative studies in religions and cultures. It can supervise doctoral theses on this theme.

Attached Document or FileGregorian University, Rome, Department of Missiology  La Facoltà di Missiologia è costituita da due dipartimenti: 1)Missiologia: La Missiologia insegna agli studenti a riflettere criticamente sulla natura ed i metodi dell’attività missionaria, nonché sulle sfide poste a quest’ultima dal mondo contemporaneo. 2)Teologia delle Religioni: La Teologia delle Religioni offre agli studenti lo studio sistematico e approfondito di altre religioni e culture, arricchendoli, inoltre, con la conoscenza della tradizione cattolica. La Teologia delle Religioni dispone di tre indirizzi: 1)Religioni e culture del Mediterraneo: Approfondimento critico e analitico di questa regione ricca di culture, questioni complesse e spiritualità profonde, in cui le relazioni internazionali e la comune ricerca di pace e giustizia sono di importanza fondamentale. 2)Studi islamici: Acquisizione di solide basi nella storia e nel pensiero religioso dell’Islam, così come una chiara e competente prospettiva cristiana sull’Islam. 3)Religioni e culture dell’Asia:Studio della storia e delle tradizioni intellettuali delle culture e delle religioni di questa regione, insieme all’analisi della crescente influenza globale dell’Asia.
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