Shantivanam, India, January 2010
Attached Document or FileGeorge Gispert-Sauch SJ - A Personal Testimony  George Gispert-Sauch, SJ, was born in Spain in 1930 and went to India in 1949. He is on the staff of the Vidyajyoti College of Theology in Delhi. Since 1983 he has been closely associated with the Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection, a monthly of pastoral and missiological concerns. His writings are mainly on Indian Christian theology and the Hindu-Christian dialogue. He holds an M.A. in Sanskrit and Pali from the University of Bombay (1959) and a doctorate in theology from the Institut Catholique in Paris (1966). His wrote his doctoral thesis on the concept of ānanda in Vedic literature. It was published under the title Bliss in the Upanishads (1977).

Attached Document or FileCyprian Consiglio OSBCam - The Purusha and the Guru: Identity and Communion for Bede Griffiths and Abhishiktananda  Cyprian Consiglio is a monk of the Camaldolese Congregation, musician, composer, author and teacher. He lived for ten years at New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, serving as liturgist, choir director and teacher. Cyprian currently lives in a forest hermitage near Santa Cruz, California. He spends about half his time at home, and half his time traveling, performing and teaching. Much of both his music and his teaching revolve around the Universal Call to Contemplation through spirituality and the arts. A student of the writings of Bede Griffiths and Abhishiktananda, Cyprian has a great love for comparative religion, and recently published his first book Prayer in the Cave of the Heart for Liturgical Press. Besides concerts and recording, he regularly leads retreats and conferences on meditation, and has done extensive work in inter-faith dialogue.

Attached Document or FilePaolo Trianni - Abhishiktananda's Contribution to Present-day Hindu-Christian Theological Research  Nato a Pisa nel 1968, Paolo Triani è Professore incaricato all’Istituto di Studi Interdisciplinari su Religioni e Culture della Pontificia Università Gregoriana e al Pontificio Ateneo Sant’Anselmo di Roma, è autore di svariati libri ed articoli che hanno per tema il confronto metafisico e teologico con le culture religiose dell’India. Si è occupato, in particolare, di Lanza del Vasto, Henri Le Saux, Teilhard de Chardin, Bede Griffiths e Jules Monchanin. Collaboratore del Master in Storia del pensiero teologico del Dipartimento di Ricerche filosofiche dell’Università Tor Vergata, è nella redazione della rivista Uni-versum.

Attached Document or FileMichael Highburger - Exile and Dépouillement as Narrative Motif: Transformation in the Life of Swami Abhishiktananda  
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